conciliation con‧cil‧i‧a‧tion [kənˌsɪliˈeɪʆn] noun [uncountable]
HUMAN RESOURCES the process of getting an employer and employees who are involved in an argument to meet and discuss their differences, in the hope of ending the argument:

• Procedures for conciliation and mediation between the two sides of industry should be encouraged.

• the conciliation service ACAS

— see also ACAS
— conciliator noun [countable] :

• The government has appointed an official conciliator in a last attempt to bring the unions and management to the negotiating table.

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conciliation UK US /kənˌsɪliˈeɪʃən/ noun [U]
HR the process of helping two sides in a disagreement, for example employers and employees, to meet and talk about their different ideas in the hope of ending the disagreement: »

Most cases were decided by conciliation and did not need to go to a tribunal.


a conciliation agreement/procedure/service

See also ACAS(Cf. ↑ACAS)

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